Pumps News:-

Pump News was started on April 2010, as pumpnews.com. In August 2010, it was recognized by Indian Government Department & Broadcasting and got title verified as PUMPSNEWS with temporary license from REGISTRAR OF NEWSPAPER FOR INDIA. Pump news has started with colorful 8 pages Newsletter.

At that time circulation was in Gujarat and no. of copies were 3000 only. PumpsNews as Newsletter has got so much like and response from Pump industry members as it so that in January 2011 it was converted in 32 pages and English language with circulation of 30,000 copies at all over India. It was developed in April with 36 pages and July with 44 pages in new and unique designs and information.

Pumps News Magazine Includes These Kind Of Articles Which Column Name Are:--

  Industry Updates

  Advances In Pump Technology

  Types Of Pump

  Pump Industry-As An Evolution

  Personal Interface

  Product Profile


  Story Of Life

  Latest News

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